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Ellery Churchmouse

Join Ellery Churchmouse and his friends as they introduce kids to spiritual concepts and vocabulary in a fun and engaging way!

In Letters From Ellery, season 1 of his video series, Ellery takes viewers through a year in his Sacred Place and teaches spiritual vocabulary along the way! Find the videos here.


The companion curriculum for season 1, written by Kathy Smith, is available for free to members of the Liberal Religious Educator's Association. If you are a LREDA member and wish to use the curriculum, you can find it on the LREDA resource portal. 

In Ellery Churchmouse is a Unitarian Universalist, forthcoming in October 2023, Ellery explores the rituals and traditions of Unitarian Universalism. If you are a LREDA member and would like to sign up to be notified when new episodes become available, you can do so here


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