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Month Five: At The Table!

This month, POP is all about meals! These videos and worksheets have been designed to:

  • Help you understand how young children see what happens at the table

  • Invite you to "think like a preschooler" and view meals from your child's perspective

  • Encourage you, as you feel moved, to engage in practices that will help you and your preschooler see meals as periods of reunion and welcome

As always, please know that the practices and rituals included in these videos are entirely optional! Use them if you think they’d be helpful to you, or save them for later if they’re not a good fit for your life right now.

Click below to download the worksheets. You may choose to print them out and use them for note-taking purposes or just refer to them as you work your way through the content.

At The Table Session 1 Worksheets
Download PDF • 81KB
At The Table Session 2 Worksheets
Download PDF • 69KB
At The Table Session 3 Worksheets
Download PDF • 73KB

Video transcripts are also available for those who would prefer to engage with the content that way. Click below to download all three transcripts.

At The Table Transcripts
Download PDF • 148KB

At The table Introduction video:

At The Table Session One video:

At The Table Session Two video:

At The Table Session Three video:

POP is a production of Jen Shattuck and First Parish Kingston. To learn more about Jen, see the POP FAQ!

Month Five Discussion Guide (for facilitators only):

Jan Zoom Support Meeting
Download PDF • 49KB

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