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Month Nine: Reflection

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We've reached the very last sessions of POP!

These four closing videos will be different from previous ones -- instead of introducing new content, they'll begin with a chalice lighting and then offer a few prompts that will encourage you to think deeply about your time with with the curriculum. These videos have been designed to help you reflect on:

  • Places you've grown in your parenting

  • Practices that have brought you joy

  • Lessons Inspire to to reach out to give or get support from your people

You can find the videos below. There are no worksheets this month -- if you'd like to reflect on paper, please feel free to keep a pen and paper nearby as you watch!

Click below to download the transcripts!

May POP transcripts
Download PDF • 95KB

Reflection Introduction Video:

Reflection Session One Video:

Reflection Session Two Video:

Reflection Session Three Video:

Month 9 Zoom Discussion Guide (Facilitators only):

May Support Meeting
Download PDF • 52KB

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