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Month One: Family Culture!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

This month, POP is exploring the topic of Family Culture! The videos and worksheets here have been designed

  • To guide you through the three stages of family culture development

  • To invite you to clarify your own family's values

  • To encourage you to brainstorm some kid-friendly practices that will help you and your children live out your values together

Each video includes a chalice lighting and an opportunity to take a few moments to breathe before engaging with the video prompts. Feel free to keep your own chalice or candle nearby so you can join me in a moment of contemplation.

Click below to download the worksheets. You may choose to print them out and use them for note-taking purposes or just to refer to them as you work your way through the content.

Worksheet 1
Download PDF • 51KB

Worksheet 2
Download PDF • 66KB

Session 3 worksheet
Download PDF • 55KB

Video transcripts are also available for those who would prefer to engage with the content that way. Click below to download all three transcripts.

September video transcripts
Download PDF • 79KB

Family Culture Introduction video:

Family Culture Session One video:

Family Culture Session Two video:

Family Culture Session Three video:

POP is a production of Jen Shattuck and First Parish Kingston. To learn more about Jen, see the POP FAQ!


Support Circle Template (for facilitators):

September Zoom Support Meeting Outline
Download P • 48KB

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