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Month Three: Building Rituals!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

This month, POP is exploring the topic of Building Rituals! The videos and worksheets here have been designed

  • To help you understand why many preschoolers show a need for sameness

  • To invite you to "think CALM" and notice how the connection methods your child already loves can help you meet their need for sameness

  • To encourage you to build a CALM ritual recipe that you can use any time

As always, each video includes a chalice lighting and an opportunity to take a few moments to breathe before engaging with the video prompts. Feel free to keep your own chalice or candle nearby so you can join me in a moment of contemplation.

Click below to download the worksheets. You may choose to print them out and use them for note-taking purposes or just to refer to them as you work your way through the content.

Have questions or comments about POP content? Leave them on the POP Feedback Form!

Building Rituals Worksheet 1
Download PDF • 54KB
Building Rituals Worksheet 2
Download PDF • 59KB
Building Rituals Worksheet 3
Download PDF • 58KB

Video transcripts are also available for those who would prefer to engage with the content that way. Click below to download all three transcripts.

Building rituals transcripts
Download PDF • 90KB

Building Rituals Introduction video:

Building Rituals Session One video:

Building Rituals Session Two video:

Building Rituals Session Three video: (Watching from Canada? The link embedded in this video may not work for you. Please try this one instead!)

POP is a production of Jen Shattuck and First Parish Kingston. To learn more about Jen, see the POP FAQ!


Month Three Discussion Guide (for facilitators only):

Nov Zoom Support Meeting
Download PDF • 49KB

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