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J.L. Shattuck
writer & religious educator

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The Tending Years comes out September 5, 2023. Pre-order your copy now!

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About Jen

J.L. Shatttuck is a writer and Unitarian Universalist religious educator specializing in early childhood. She has over 20 years of experience working with preschoolers and is passionate about helping churches joyfully welcome their very youngest congregants. 


She is the author of The Tending Years, forthcoming from Skinner House Books in September 2023, and the creator of two sets of video curriculum for families with young children: POP, which guides adult caregivers through the challenging preschool years, and Ellery Churchmouse, which introduces kids to spiritual vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. She currently serves UU communities in Massachusetts. 


Jen is available for pulpit supply, talks with parents and caregivers, and workshops for lay leaders about how to bring the ideas in The Tending Years to church. To arrange an event, email her at

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